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The City of London is also known as the Square Mile, the financial district and historic center of London.

It is one of the 33 areas with local authority responsibilities into which London is divided. Local authority services are provided by the city of London Corporation.

The residential population of this small area is approximately 8,000 people. However, over 400,000 people commute into the City every day for work and over 10 million visits as tourists every year.


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The UK is the 22nd most populated country with a population of 66 million that accounts for 0.89% of the global population. It is the 11th largest in terms of area and 3rd most populated country in Europe. The UK had the 5th highest GDP in the world worth about $2.8 trillion accounting for 4% of global GDP as of 2015. So, The top ten companies account for approximately 20% of the UK’s private sector capacity. The number of care homes in residential settings; both public and private have increased over the last few years and are expected to increase in the future.

Moreover, London is the most connected city on the planet, with direct flights to 380 destinations making the global participant’s travel easy towards the destination. Also, it offers various places to visit and do not lack in any way to entertain the participants from other regions of the world. London is home to cutting-edge industry clusters, which make the city a vibrant and innovative corporate events destination, with access to top speakers and quality delegates.

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