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On behalf of the AAC,  it is my pleasure to invite you to attend the European Nursing Congress (Euro Nursing 2019) in London. We look forward to welcoming young people, students and professionals from around the globe to explore, share and be inspired by innovative programs and services and research.
The AAC is proud to announce the theme of "Exploring the Possibilities towards Better Healthcare" for this year’s Conference, which will be held March 04-06, 2019 in London, UK. Both the theme and conference presentations are relevant and timely in today's ever-changing healthcare environment.
Euro Nursing Conference brings together clinicians, educators, nurses, and researchers, as well as students and industry representatives from around the world, providing them with a platform to report on, and discuss issues and scientific achievements relative to nursing worldwide. This year's Conference will provide a foundation for networking with prominent Nurse Leaders from more than 50+Countries.
The Conference promises to be exciting, with a range of presentations including topics related to: Psychiatric-Mental Health, Oncology, Critical Care and Cardiac Care, Emergency, Public Health, and Environmental Health Nursing. Additionally, Clinical Nursing, Nursing Education, and Nursing Research will also be well-represented. Lastly, there will be presentations that cover the lifespan from Pediatric, to Obstetric, to Adult Health Nursing, all covering information that is new and relevant to Nursing and Healthcare.
We want to take this opportunity to encourage your attendance and participation in this unique Conference in order to take advantage of the most recent scientific discoveries and milestones in the field of Nursing. We believe the more you participate, the more you take away from a conference, and we would encourage your active participation by taking advantage of the opportunity to interact with these internationally renowned Nursing Leaders.
The comprehensive range of sessions provides a special opportunity for academic scientists, researches, industry representatives, nurses, representatives of government agencies and NGOs from all parts of the world to exchange experience, gain new knowledge and establish contacts. 
We hope to see you in London and look forward to sharing new information and exciting discoveries with you.

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